Manufacturing & Distribution

We assist manufacturing and distribution clients—large and small, public and private—with business guidance and skilled legal counsel to reach their goals and strategic objectives.

These companies are faced with a plethora of agreements, negotiations and transactions every day. As trusted advisors, we help them with all the aspects of their business and legal concerns to help maintain their efficient operations.

Some of our services for these companies include:

  • Supply and distribution agreements
  • Risk management
  • Real estate negotiations
  • Labor and employment agreements and disputes
  • Contract negotiations

Recent Manufacturing & Distribution Representative Matters

  • Representing the owner of two retail stores in a dispute with an international textile distributor. The textile distributor has claimed a partnership interest in the retail stores and has sued for damages for alleged breach of contract and various business-related torts.
  • Represented a manufacturer and supplier of separation and phase contacting process internals in an age discrimination dispute brought by a former employee. Successfully avoided a lawsuit through pre-suit negotiations after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a notice of right to sue.
  • Representing a manufacturer of separation products installed in process units against claims made by a multi-national chemical manufacturing corporation seeking damages exceeding $10 million relating to alleged defects in design of the products and failures of the products installed.
  • Represented a refinery service contractor in a multi-million dollar lawsuit involving claims arising out of the refinery’s refusal to pay for services and counterclaims by the refinery relating to alleged breaches of safety procedures. Within five months of filing lawsuit and shortly after the filing of a pre-discovery, summary judgment motion asserting immediate right to payment, the matter was successfully resolved.
  • Represented a manufacturer and supplier of pipe fittings in a disability discrimination dispute brought by a former employee. The former employee alleged he was discriminated against due to a disability resulting from an on-the-job injury. After receiving employer-provided medical treatment for the injury, the employee failed to report, and subsequent to termination, brought suit. A resolution of the dispute was successfully negotiated within six months from the suit being filed.

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