Steve Kesten & Doug Parker Present At The Entrepreneurship Institute President’s Forum At Rice University

HOUSTON, Texas (November 9, 2009) — BoyarMiller’s Steve Kesten, Business Group Shareholder, and Doug Parker, Executive Director, served as panelists at Rice University for The Entrepreneurship Institute President’s Forum on Thursday, November 5, 2009.

Kesten moderated a discussion titled “What Path Do I take: Acquire or Sell, Joint Ventures or Alliances” that covered growing a business through acquisition, selling and using joint ventures or alliances to combine resources with other companies to make each stronger. Parker served on a “Web Marketing” panel that explored how to make use of the Internet and Internet marketing — with particular emphasis on social media — to stay competitive.

The President’s Forum is an invitation-only, annual, all-day event for presidents, founders, CEOs and top executives of growing, small and mid-market businesses. Case study presentations, small group strategy discussions and one-on-one networking are elements of the Forum’s interactive format.