Technology Industry Representative Matters

  • Successfully settled a theft of trade secrets case in which a former employee downloaded the entire contents of his former employer’s cloud-based information system to several different electronic devices just prior to giving notice of his resignation. In this dispute, former employee left a geosynthetic lining company to work for a competitor performing a substantially similar role in the same geographic region. Obtained a temporary restraining order and temporary injunction enjoining the former employee from using any of his former employer’s confidential information while working at the competitor. Through the pendency of the suit, conducted an electronic forensic review of the former employee’s electronic devices and cloud-based storage systems discovering evidence of spoliation. After a spoliation motion was filed, the matter was successfully resolved.
  • Represented a Texas-based IT services and support company in connection with the divestiture of company assets to a global provider of IT business solutions.
  • Represented a Houston-based software developer in capital formation and general contract negotiations.
  • Represented oil and gas technology company in its recapitalization with existing investors.
  • Represented private company seeking to raise money to develop an app relating to logistics.
  • Represented private company seeking to raise $20 million to distribute film, television and music content on an online platform.
  • Won a summary judgment on behalf of a software utilities and management company and its chief executive officer on a breach of contract claim filed by two of the company’s former employees. The former employees claimed they were owed approximately $360,000 based on an amendment to an original purchase agreement regarding the sale of a software program. Summary judgment was awarded when it was shown that the amendment lacked material terms and was unenforceable as a matter of law. Following summary judgment, the former employees settled their remaining claims on very favorable terms for our clients.
  • Represented a Texas-based provider of wireless analytics, mobile-device bill auditing and related software in its recapitalization by Huntsman Gay Global Capital.
  • Represented a water desalination development company in the reorganization of its corporate structure, including a $250 million capital infusion by international equity investors.
  • Represented a local entrepreneur in acquisition of a computer network management and consulting company.

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