Strategy and Vision

BoyarMiller employs a unique strategy to deliver on our purpose and fulfill our ultimate vision of becoming the model law firm serving the business community. To effectively provide counsel beyond expectations, build lasting relationships and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, we have to be a different kind of firm.

What makes us proud to be part of BoyarMiller?

We make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

  • Our firm’s studied approach to business, its balancing influence and its clear vision
  • Being recognized as a premier “go-to” law firm for business community
  • A team that is guided by and accountable to our core values
  • Providing counsel beyond expectations and building lasting relationships

What do we know about the market that generates awareness and responsiveness?

Our business environment demands more of us.

  • Providing clients with greater value as larger firms raise fees and salaries
  • Attracting and retaining people who sustain and promote our culture and values
  • Taking advantage of our business opportunities and aggressively driving revenue generation to grow the firm

How can we serve our clients better than our competition does?

We’ve built a strong foundation

  • Having a reputation for bringing value to our clients
  • Forming many long-standing relationships
  • Serving three core areas of business—real estate, corporate and litigation—better than our competition

What makes us so courageous?

We’re growing a unique, values-driven firm.

  • Nurturing a culture unlike any other law firm
  • Purpose and strategy-driven with a bias for action
  • A unique place for legal professionals where everyone can shape and influence the future
  • Great lawyers doing great work, treating each other and our clients with respect and operating with integrity
  • Having the courage and spirit to change and learn from change

What are the top priorities we must focus on to realize our mission and ensure the success of BoyarMiller for the future?

We’re a firm where each of us can make a bold difference.

  • Preserving our unique culture by living true to our values and mission
  • Accepting accountability for the future and generating urgency and an innovative approach to grow our business
  • Better serving the community and broadening our brand awareness and connections within it
  • Recruiting, developing and retaining outstanding professionals
  • Developing and using our technology capability as a competitive advantage

How will our vision be realized if we successfully drive our strategy into action?

We will become a model law firm serving the business community.

  • We will have a stable, long-lived business to be proud of
  • We will have satisfied clients who keep coming back for a product and an experience they can’t get anywhere else
  • We will be a respected brand recognized throughout the community that knows us
  • We will be a special place with people fulfilled by a financially satisfying, meaningful and fulfilling career

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