Pearce Family Cropped

“I pride myself on giving clients the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves in what can otherwise be a confusing and frustrating litigation process. How does someone know if he or she has a good lawyer and their interests are being well represented and protected? It is not only decided by outcome. So, I advise people to look for a lawyer who shares their values, provides regular updates, and always puts their interests first. Those are among the values we share at BoyarMiller and we really do live them every day.”

– Andrew Pearce, Shareholder, Litigation Group

Being a lawyer may be Andrew’s second career, but it was always his first choice. Following college, he worked for eight years in industrial sales, giving him an opportunity to understand and experience first-hand the issues facing businesses. Yet, Andrew always had an interest in the legal aspects of those issues and the strategy of litigation.

After Andrew became engaged, he and his fiancee looked into the opportunity for Andrew to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer. The deal? Andrew would attend school, but they would not wait to start a family once married. So, Andrew attended South Texas College of Law Houston and, during his first semester, Alicia and Andrew welcomed their first child Ashley.

“People thought we were crazy given the stress of attending your first semester in law school, but it was the perfect way to maintain a healthy perspective on what matters most,” said Andrew. While in school, Andrew interviewed with BoyarMiller and then clerked at the firm. He joined the firm upon graduation in 2007 and was elected a shareholder in 2015.

Andrew and his wife Alicia now have two children, Ashley and Owen. Both kids love sports and Andrew has coached their soccer teams for several years with a primary goal to motivate and encourage. “I just want the kids to have fun, learn good sportsmanship and enjoy the game,” he said. “Now the kids are turning more to lacrosse, basketball and volleyball and I’m on the sidelines as an avid fan.”

The Pearces reside in Kingwood, where Andrew first moved when he came to Texas in the sixth grade. His parents, two of three siblings and their families live within a three-mile radius and gather most weekends for Sunday dinner. “We are working on getting my youngest brother and his family to move from Katy to Kingwood. It’s putting my advocacy skills to the test, but I am confident I will win him over.”