Treacherous Terms: Drafting Contracts to Avoid Litigation

Gus J. Bourgeois, III, Lawrence E. Wilson

Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Houston
October 2018

CLE Topic: “Treacherous Terms: Drafting Contracts to Avoid Litigation”

CLE Presentation Content for an ACC Houston event.

Attorneys of BoyarMiller addressed meddlesome contract clauses from an in-house counsel point of view. Diligent contracting on the front end can help protect your client and avoid litigation on the back end. Drawing on their own experiences from prior roles as in-house counsel, our presenters will discuss several timely contractual provisions including indemnity and limitation of liability to show how business and litigation teams can work together to avoid potential conflict.

Download a PDF of the presentation from speakers:
Larry Wilson, Shareholder – Business Group
Gus Bourgeois, Shareholder – Business Group