BoyarMiller Chairman Chris Hanslik Selected for Center for Houston’s Future Business/Civic Leadership Forum

HOUSTON, Texas (August 7, 2011) — BoyarMiller Chairman Chris Hanslik was selected for the Fall 2011 Class of the Center for Houston’s Future Business/Civic Leadership Forum.

The Business/Civic Leadership Forum consists of professionally facilitated off-site workshops, scheduled a month and a half apart; with self-organized, small group “learning journeys” held in between. Many graduates report that the Forums opened doors to significant community service. We are “growing our own” leadership, both for the Center and for many other commissions and nonprofit boards.

The program program engages both proven and emerging leaders in focused discussion of key community issues including education or human capital, quality of life, inclusiveness, and transition to a 21st century economy.

There are over 600 area leaders — 35% of whom are Hispanic, African American or Asian, 30% of whom are women, and 16% of whom live or work outside of Harris County — who are Forum graduates and share an understanding of the issues facing our community.

About The Center for Houston’s Future
The Center for Houston’s Future is a dynamic, community based organization that brings together business and community to innovate for the future of the Houston region. They do this by planning strategically for the region, strengthening the base of diverse business and civic leadership, and informing people, while engaging them in the necessary ground-work for Houston’s future.

The overarching benefit to the community is that of an independent and respected source of information, a catalyst to connect and energize divergent groups, and an incubator of new ideas and initiatives to fuel big-picture, long-range thought and action.

About BoyarMiller
BoyarMiller is a mid-size Houston-based law firm that advances client business goals by bringing new possibilities into focus with confidence and clarity to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Since 1990, we have been providing practical and smart business solutions. Our firm is comprised of two practice groups—business law and litigation—and we serve multinational companies, middle-market businesses and entrepreneurs in need of collaborative and strategic representation. See for more information.