BoyarMiller Litigation Group

“There is always more than one option. And because we work closely with our clients as their business partners, we can help them determine the best path toward a resolution.”

Matt Veech, Shareholder

When our clients have a conflict, the Litigation Group goes to work. It comprises one half of our firm’s practice and an overview of our philosophy and goals follows.

Listening, understanding and strategy are the key tenets of our Litigation Group. Our practice is comprised of both complex and straightforward commercial litigation matters. In all cases, the first step starts with hearing our clients’ goals.

“Our trial and appellate team begins by understanding our clients’ objectives. Then we work to be a valuable business partner in helping them achieve the desired outcome by developing an effective strategy to position the case for trial,” said Chris Hanslik, BoyarMiller Chairman.

The group serves a diverse clientele—from business entrepreneurs to public and private companies. Our attorneys are skilled at litigation, arbitration and appeals working together with clients to generate solutions and resolutions that are tailored to each situation.

Our general areas of concentration include all types of commercial litigation, real estate litigation and employment disputes. The key thread that weaves throughout the litigation practice is the experience of our attorneys, their personal commitment to clients, and the knowledge that comes with handling hundreds of cases effectively, as well as efficiently. We develop strategies that are tailored to each client and each case, and we work vigorously to achieve the best possible outcome. Along the way, our clients are involved, informed and receive personal attention.

By developing strong relationships, we understand our clients’ businesses and concerns and we work to ensure a prevention-first approach to litigation, particularly with employment-related disputes. Sometimes the long-term interests of our clients are not served by being involved in lengthy litigation.

Our firm also has deep transactional experience in real estate, and the industry, by its very nature, is confronted with conflicts. The Litigation Group represents real estate developers, landlords and contractors in a variety of disputes including those related to boundaries, construction management, buy/sell contracts, and easements, among others.

Most of all, our team realizes that litigation can be emotionally charged and can impact our clients’ reputations or long-term success. That’s why our attorneys take a personal interest in every case—because it’s personal for our clients—and rewarding to help them move forward with their business goals.

Litigation Group Contacts

Chris Hanslik

Andrew Pearce