Estate Administration, Planning and Litigation

Estate Administration, Planning and Litigation

Planning a legacy.

A thorough estate plan can limit the need for probate litigation — but not everyone leaves behind a tidy legacy, despite best intentions. Without the proper protection, estate funds can quickly be lost in the litigation process. Our experienced probate and estate attorneys can help executors, administrators or trustees who are struggling with possible disputes.

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Estate Administration, Planning and Litigation Experience:

  • The deceased person’s assets are not eligible for transfer outside of probate. Some estates are set up for simpler execution through the use of trusts, joint tenancy, or rights of survivorship. Similarly, retirement accounts and life insurance policy proceeds are transferable outside of probate because beneficiaries are named.
  • The estate does not fit into “small estate” procedures. Texas has a summary probate system in which small estates are executed through simpler processes.
  • Family members intend to challenge the will. Probate lawsuits can be exhaustive and we guide clients if someone is being vocal about challenging a will.
  • Surviving relatives and creditors can dispute a will, or resolve issues that might arise upon a person’s passing. These can be issues related to disinheritance or simply that heirs do not receive full inheritance.

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