Estate & Trust Administration

Estate & Trust Administration

Protecting a legacy.

A thorough estate plan can limit the need for probate litigation. Administration of a complex estate or trust, however, can be difficult without guidance. Without the proper protection, estate funds can quickly be lost in the probate process. Our experienced probate and estate attorneys can help executors, administrators or trustees who are looking to efficiently and effectively fulfill a loved one’s wishes.

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Estate & Trust Administration Experience:

  • Representation through the entire process of administering an estate or trust, including any litigation necessary to ensure the protection of the estate or trusts’ assets
  • Completion of administrative duties to help executors and trustees navigate the probate process
  • Assisting executors and trustees in identifying and dealing with assets outside of the trust or estate
  • Working with executors and trustees in navigating potential claims against the estate by creditors

Estate & Trust Administration Representative Matters

Through legal contacts and a referral, I hired Christopher Burt to represent not only a trust, but also me individually as trustee. He guided me through the process, including probating wills. He is very, very knowledgeable of estate and trust law, is punctual and polite while dealing with some of the possible conflicts caused by the deceased’s wishes. He also routinely handles matters in court. This is a skill not all attorneys have since many never appear in court. I highly recommend Christopher Burt and Boyar Miller for all estate and trust matters.

Douglas Gwin

“Grateful” for working with Christopher Burt on my recent transaction is an understatement. From the moment I first spoke to Christopher on the phone, I knew I was in excellent hands. He listened carefully and showed passion for my cause. He worked efficiently to deliver a great result in very little time, taking away all of my worries. I highly recommend Christopher Burt and BoyarMiller.

Leah Mudd

I contacted BoyarMiller to help me navigate through the legal system for my father’s estate. I can’t say enough about the professionalism, knowledge, care and guidance provided to me by Barbara Light and Christopher Burt. They helped me through a tough time and were always available when I needed them. They took care of the estate process swiftly and addressed any concerns I had right away. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Brian Cook

Probate & Litigation Group Contacts

Jill Willard Young

Christopher C. Burt