Guardianship Litigation

Choosing and defending the right guardian for your family

When a family makes important determinations about the person to be guardian to a child or children in case of death, those decisions need to be followed. Many of our clients prepare a guardianship plan to address these important concerns, as well as to provide details of their own personal care should they become incapacitated.

We can provide legal support and services to assist in plans and decisions for the following:

  • Choosing a person who would raise your child in the way you find moral, ethical, and upright.
  • Making certain that potential guardians are capable of bringing another family member into their home.
  • Considering the age of a potential guardian and the capability to act as guardian.
  • Determining if a chosen candidate is willing to serve as guardian before assigning such an important responsibility.

Guardianship Litigation Representative Matters

  • Represented several large corporate fiduciaries in their respective roles as trustees, executors, and/or administrators of trusts and estates as well as individuals in guardianship proceedings and various lawsuits related to wills, trusts, and estates.
  • Served as Temporary Administrator over estates holding multiple assets including stocks, cash, valuable real estate, and oil and gas.

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