Probate, Wills, Estate, and Trust Litigation

Here to help with all aspects of probate and estate law

We always hope that probate goes smoothly and that an executor, guardian, trustee, or agent under a power of attorney fulfills his or her fiduciary duties. However, sometimes families require the help of probate lawyers. We understand that even with much forethought and planning, difficulty could arise. Our experienced, compassionate and accessible team is here to help.

Our extensive experience in probate, wills, estate, and trust litigation includes:

  • Representation through the entire process of administering an estate or trust, including any litigation necessary to ensure the protection of the estate or trusts’ assets
  • Completion of administrative duties to help executors and trustees navigate the probate process
  • Litigation to challenge or defend wills and trusts
  • Litigation to challenge or defend the actions of executors, administrators, or trustees who are handling probate
  • Litigation to challenge or defend non-probate designations, including survivorship or beneficiary designations
  • Litigation to challenge or defend the actions of agents under powers of attorney
  • Representation of beneficiaries to secure their inheritance from a trust or estate
  • Litigation to establish a guardianship or to challenge or defend the actions of a guardian of the person or estate
  • Other fiduciary litigation involving claims of breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and/or misrepresentation

We have represented clients in the following matters in trial courts, appellate courts, and the Texas Supreme Court:

  • Will contests involving claims of lack of capacity and undue influence
  • Claims regarding trust management made by beneficiaries and defenses of trustees regarding the same
  • Contractual disputes related to non-probate assets and potential abuse by power of attorney
  • Administration of estates exceeding the taxable threshold
  • Guardianship dispute between family members regarding management of the person and estate
  • Various civil and commercial disputes involving a fiduciary and potential breach of duty

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