Jeff Houston

Chris Hanslik

January 28, 2014

The team assembled by BoyarMiller and led by Chris Hanslik correctly identified the critical issues relevant to the dispute; determined the appropriate application of the law to support our position; protected our legal position throughout the case; and seamlessly executed the strategy for the case. BoyarMiller’s representation won a favorable judgment from the jury on all elements of the case. During the course of the litigation, all team members at BoyarMiller successfully argued before the court and substantially contributed to the prosecution of the case which demonstrated to us the depth of the talent at the firm. At the conclusion of the trial, Chris delivered the most compelling closing argument I could imagine.

BoyarMiller successfully represented Jeff Houston and David Grossman in a Contract and Non-Compete Case in their separation from their former accounting firm.  

Jeff HoustonManaging PartnerGBH CPAs, PC