Summer Associate Program

Our summer associate program is the firm’s principal source for hiring new associates. During the summer program, our primary goal is to provide our summer associates with a realistic sense of life as an associate at BoyarMiller.

Summer associates receive the same type of work assignments as our junior associates, on actual client matters, and work with as many lawyers as possible over the course of the program, which runs during the first half of the summer.

We try to provide our summer associates with some fun outside of the office as well. Astros games, golf, dinners and happy hours are part of the summer agenda. For more information on the program, check out the Summer Associate Program FAQs or please call Blake Royal at 832.615.4251.

Hear from Molly Hust, part of the 2014 Summer Associate Program

Matthew Callison — Summer Associate 2017

“When choosing a firm for my future, BoyarMiller immediately stood out. The emphasis placed on Core Values provides telling insight into the firm’s culture. BoyarMiller is a firm where the attorneys are united equally by their close personal relationships and a commitment to elite representation. This combination provides a work atmosphere that prioritizes individual growth as the driving force behind firm growth.  The result is a firm that I am proud to work for. As a Summer Associate, I have received a wide range of meaningful work coupled with helpful mentorship. Every attorney’s door is open for asking questions or seeking feedback. In only a short time, I have gained invaluable practical experience and formed relationships that make me excited to come to work every day. I know I made the right decision in picking BoyarMiller, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to practice in the Houston area.”

Jay Zhang — Summer Associate 2017

“The decision to join BoyarMiller as a Summer Associate is driven by the desire to participate in a clerkship program that provides substantive legal experience in an environment that embraces the firm’s Core Values. Within the first few days, a Summer Associate is given an opportunity to be heavily involved in his or her respective Group. The variation and scope of work assigned to the Summer Associate is wonderfully balanced by the structure through which the Program is implemented. In addition, BoyarMiller is known to deliver exceptional client services by attorneys of the highest caliber who love what they do. A Summer Associate will interact with associates and partners who are proud of their relentless dedication to service. The atmosphere of genuine camaraderie allows a Summer Associate to work as a team and grow with the firm.”

Caleb Dunson — Associate, Business Group

Summer Associate 2016

“I joined BoyarMiller for the firm’s culture of excellence. As a Summer Associate I wanted to be somewhere where I could learn from the best, and see what it was like to commit to excellence on a daily basis. It was clear after spending some time with attorneys at BoyarMiller that the core values are not just words on a website, but something discussed on a daily basis as a driver for delivering the best possible quality of work, and fostering growth in all of its people. Even after a few short days, I know the interactions with the attorneys, staff, and clients of BoyarMiller will teach me invaluable lessons that will apply as I finish school and in my future career.”

Lani Durio — Associate, Litigation Group

Summer Associate 2016

“My decision to work as a summer associate at BoyarMiller really came down to three factors—the caliber of the people, the culture, and the work. The people are nothing short of amazing. Not only are they exceptionally talented advocates and attorneys  from whom I knew I could learn so much,  they also are quality individuals who seem to genuinely enjoy their work and each other. Closely related is the culture. I was attracted to the values that BoyarMiller emphasizes—the atmosphere of respectful camaraderie, the focus on making meaningful differences in clients’ lives, and the sense that colleagues not only have great respect for one another but truly enjoy working together. And then there’s the work. With BoyarMiller’s reputation as a very well-respected Houston firm with expertise in areas which I am most interested—commercial and real estate litigation and labor and employment disputes—I knew that this would be an ideal learning experience for me.”

Kasi Chadwick — Associate, Litigation Group

Summer Associate 2012

“The people, and their commitment to the firm’s core values, are really what sets BoyarMiller apart. During the summer associate program, I had the opportunity to substantively contribute to a variety of client matters. Working with everyone from the firm’s chairman to junior associates, every attorney was committed to teaching their craft. Even after just a few short weeks at the firm, BoyarMiller’s commitment to the core values showed.  Outside the office, I had the opportunity to get to know shareholders and associates alike in a variety of settings including a cooking class, a firm-wide bowling tournament, happy hours, an Astros game, various team building activities, a spa day, and even a post-draft, NBA luncheon hosted by the Houston Rockets. The associate program really gave me a good look inside BoyarMiller, and enabled me to make the easy choice to become a part of the BoyarMiller team.”

Blake Royal — Shareholder, Business Group

Summer Associate 2006

“My clerkship with BoyarMiller was invaluable. Not only was I given meaningful responsibilities, but I was also included in all facets of the daily workings of the firm, allowing me to genuinely experience what it means to be a part of the legal profession. After six weeks, I was certain that BoyarMiller was the ideal firm in which to establish my legal career.”

Andrew Pearce — Shareholder, Litigation Group

Summer Associate 2006

“BoyarMiller’s Summer Associate Program provided me the opportunity to accurately experience the working environment of a law firm and, more importantly, experience the core values and culture of BoyarMiller. I was able to interact with each attorney at the firm and work on substantive assignments for the firm’s clients. In addition, my family and I were able to get to know everyone at BoyarMiller, and vice versa, through various social functions. The program enabled me to decide, with confidence, that BoyarMiller was the right place for me.”