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Letter from Our Chairman


November is a good time for reflection on the year’s business activities that will surely spark future planning. A consistent and important theme we have addressed with clients all year – and will continue to do so – is the war for talent. What is termed the “Great Resignation” has profoundly impacted real estate and education. We wanted to gain more perspective on this time of transition – when more than four million Americans left the workforce while there are 10 million job openings.

It was the topic of our online forum discussion last month with three Houston business and education leaders and we called it the “Future of Houston’s Workforce.” I invite you to watch the webinar to gain valuable insights about how employers are attracting and retaining people, including how student loans and advanced education degrees are playing a role. For instance, did you know that student loan debt in Texas exceeds $15 billion to surpass credit card debt as a whole? A staggering number! And changing skills requirements may be the impetus for more students seeking secondary degrees.

No doubt that these circumstances, fostered in a large part by the pandemic, will continue into next year as employers impart innovative ways to address the challeng.

Last month on our podcast “Building Texas Business,” we hosted two very interesting guests – Dr. Juliet Breeze, founder and CEO of Next Level Urgent Care, and Jamey Rootes, former president of the Houston Texans.

While I encourage you to reflect on the challenges that have been addressed this year as your 2022 planning gets under way, I also recommend reflection of what is going right for businesses. I am most grateful for my colleagues and staff and their unwavering commitment to our clients.

All of us here at BoyarMiller extend our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to our clients and friends. I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope you will be able to spend some time with those who mean the most to you!


My Best,

Chris Hanslik


Chris Hanslik

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