BoyarMiller Helps Special Kids “Discover Life” at Camp For All

“We are all citizens of our community, not as lawyers but as people, and we each contribute to making a positive impact in our own way.” – Chris Hanslik

BoyarMiller Associate Lyndsay Fincher has been involved with Camp For All for almost half her life. A unique barrier-free camp for children and adults with challenging illnesses or special needs, Camp For All holds a special place in Lyndsay’s heart.

She started volunteering as a teen and then during college she was on the program staff working summers and weekends. After graduation, she served on committees and on the Young Professionals Board where she led the creation of a program for children in foster care to enjoy the camp facilities. It was a natural transition when Lyndsay was elected to the Camp For All Board of Directors last year and now serving three terms until 2022.

“It is truly a little piece of heaven,” said Lyndsay. “You see miracles and joy when the campers do things they never could before. It changes them for life and throughout it all, you’re changed too.”

When Lyndsay joined the BoyarMiller Business Group in 2013, she learned that the firm has been providing pro bono legal services to Camp For All since its formation, led by Gary Miller.

“I was in Gary’s office and he had a picture on the wall of volunteers and children at the camp and I was in that picture,” said Lyndsay. “That was one confirmation that BoyarMiller was the right firm for me and upheld its principles of community service.”

Camp For All will host its annual Family Day on April 29, 2018 for anyone to visit the camp and enjoy the facilities located at 6301 Rehburg Road in Burton, Texas.

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