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Legal Services for Black-Owned Businesses

LABB Offers Legal Guidance and Support

Inspired by a goal to create equitable access to quality legal services, LABB was developed by BoyarMiller to provide legal services for black-owned businesses while contributing in a meaningful way to the community.


BoyarMiller helps these organizations—that are either black-owned or managed—advance their business and achieve goals through strategic, pro-bono legal services and guidance.


LABB assists in legal matters that include: establishing deed restrictions, developing formation documents for new business ventures, business filings, various legal agreements, and non-disclosure agreements for employees.


Our Legal Support

Our goal is to enable participants to benefit from our firm’s culture of achieving practical business solutions using vision, creativity, and expertise.

LABB support is available via an application process. Applicants must meet the criteria of being a Houston-area business that is at least 51% black-owned and/or managed and fall within the personal financial requirements for the program.

  • Employment issues
  • Debt, raising capital, workout issues
  • Master service agreements
  • Contracts with vendors and subcontractors
  • Personal guarantees
  • Leasing and landlord negotiations
  • Brand protection or intellectual property
  • Dispute resolution

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We provide clarity for complex problems.

With a deep understanding of your business alongside clear and honest communication, we help clients face challenges fearlessly.


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