Summer Associate Program

Our summer associate program is the firm’s principal source for hiring new associates. During the summer program, our primary goal is to provide our summer associates with a realistic sense of life as an associate at BoyarMiller.

Summer associates receive the same type of work assignments as our junior associates, on actual client matters, and work with as many lawyers as possible over the course of the program, which runs during the first half of the summer.

We try to provide our summer associates with some fun outside of the office as well. Astros games, golf, dinners and happy hours are part of the summer agenda. For more information on the program, check out the Summer Associate Program FAQs or please call Blake Royal at 832.615.4251.

Hear from Molly Hust, part of the 2014 Summer Associate Program

Caleb Dunson — Associate, Business Group

Summer Associate 2016

“I joined BoyarMiller for the firm’s culture of excellence. As a Summer Associate I wanted to be somewhere where I could learn from the best, and see what it was like to commit to excellence on a daily basis. It was clear after spending some time with attorneys at BoyarMiller that the core values are not just words on a website, but something discussed on a daily basis as a driver for delivering the best possible quality of work, and fostering growth in all of its people. Even after a few short days, I know the interactions with the attorneys, staff, and clients of BoyarMiller will teach me invaluable lessons that will apply as I finish school and in my future career.”

Blake Royal — Shareholder, Business Group

Summer Associate 2006

“My clerkship with BoyarMiller was invaluable. Not only was I given meaningful responsibilities, but I was also included in all facets of the daily workings of the firm, allowing me to genuinely experience what it means to be a part of the legal profession. After six weeks, I was certain that BoyarMiller was the ideal firm in which to establish my legal career.”

Andrew Pearce — Shareholder, Litigation Group

Summer Associate 2006

“BoyarMiller’s Summer Associate Program provided me the opportunity to accurately experience the working environment of a law firm and, more importantly, experience the core values and culture of BoyarMiller. I was able to interact with each attorney at the firm and work on substantive assignments for the firm’s clients. In addition, my family and I were able to get to know everyone at BoyarMiller, and vice versa, through various social functions. The program enabled me to decide, with confidence, that BoyarMiller was the right place for me.”

Corinne Sullins — Associate, Business Group

Summer Associate 2015

“In much the same way that people are selective about attending a university that feels like the right fit, I was intentional about seeking out a firm that both would grow me as a professional and feel like a family. In BoyarMiller I found a close-knit group of professionals that places equal emphasis on a supportive culture and on providing superb counsel and service to clients. From day one as a summer clerk, BoyarMiller gave me the opportunity to take a significant role in sophisticated corporate transactions, to work alongside knowledgeable shareholders, and to develop meaningful relationships with clients right away. I’ve gained experience and earned responsibility that would take years to attain at a larger firm. Moreover, because of BoyarMiller’s focus on culture, the firm has always supported me as an individual and made sure that I felt valued. I knew from my first on-campus interview that BoyarMiller stood out – there could not have been a better choice for me as a professional or as a person.”

Craig Lauchner — Associate, Litigation Group

Summer Associate 2015

“During law school, I searched hard to find a firm that provided an opportunity to do sophisticated, substantive work at an early stage in my career, but would also be of a size that would allow me to work closely with the most-experienced and respected shareholders in the firm. My clerkship convinced me BoyarMiller was that firm. I was immediately impressed with the quality of work I was assigned as a summer clerk as well as the proximity with which I worked with the most-experienced lawyers on the BoyarMiller team. BoyarMiller offered the balance I was looking for—an environment of people who shared my core values that are working hard to deliver excellent client service to clients around the world.”