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Corporate M&A Shareholder John Ransom Assists in "Protect Our Blanco" River Project

April 22, 2022

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Whenever Corporate M&A Shareholder John Ransom is not working on legal deals at BoyarMiller, he spends his free time in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.

The small community of Blanco, west of Austin, has been grappling with wastewater discharge like other growing Hill Country communities. John got involved with the Protect Our Blanco River Project four years ago to oppose the City’s application to dramatically increase its permitted discharge into the Blanco River. This led to creation of the Blanco Water Reclamation Task Force consisting of two City Council members, John and David Baker, another Protect Our Blanco board member.

The City of Blanco just adopted the recommendations of the Blanco Water Reclamation Task Force and Protect Our Blanco to minimize wastewater discharge into the Blanco River and avoid protracted litigation in a win for everyone.

Read more to learn how John and the entire Task Force joined together to improve and donate here to the Protect Our Blanco project.

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