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How to Choose the Best Litigation Attorney for Your Business

Chris Hanslik

by Chris Hanslik

March 24, 2022

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Nobody likes a fight. And that applies in the business world also. But when disputes emerge, you want the best litigation attorneys for business on your side.

It is important to invest the time to find a trusted legal partner, one with strong legal knowledge and a thorough understanding of your business. The right attorney is a valuable partner, a problem solver, and someone who can provide invaluable guidance and counsel that avoids headaches, minimizes legal fees, and saves various disruptions to your business over the life of the lawsuit.

What type of litigation attorney do I need for my business?

It depends on many factors, but here are some tips to start:

Find a firm that specializes in your company’s area of focus.

Law firms can be diverse or specialized. Whether you need a fiduciary litigation attorney, or an attorney experienced in employment or M&A litigation, a firm that focuses on your industry, and understands the unique needs and nuances of the sector. The best litigation lawyers rely on years of experience to help guide what’s best for you and your business in the current environment.

Look for attorneys with depth in the jurisdiction where they practice.

Your litigation attorney must have a firm grasp of the law as well as the rules of civil procedure in the jurisdiction where the lawsuit is pending. Understanding the rules of court is important because they inform the proper procedure, response, and time frame of a case.

For example, if your lawsuit is pending in Texas, begin by seeking out the best law firms in Texas by industry. An experienced litigation attorney will understand the industry’s business cycles and trends and how the latest legislation affects your business.

Seek out an agile, confident advocate with excellent client service skills.

Find a legal partner that can think on their feet, offer creative solutions, and who will stand up to opposing counsel.

It is also important that they communicate clearly and succinctly with you, the client. Ideally, your litigation attorney will interpret the law for your company and help reduce complexity and anxiety with ongoing communications to provide confidence and certainty that the correct course of action is being taken.

Do some online sleuthing.

Poke around websites and LinkedIn pages of potential litigation attorneys and corporate law firms. Read testimonials. Check any reputable awards won, such as Chambers, Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Attorneys, Best Lawyers in America, and SuperLawyers. Sometimes you can get a feel for the professionalism, community involvement, culture, and depth of experience of a firm or individual based on their social presence.

What cases have they been involved in? Do any relate your concerns?

Return to the potential firm or attorney’s website and read through their online bio to see their history of cases. If you find a matter similar to yours with a favorable outcome, that’s a good signal that you should reach out for more information.

Seek out an attorney or law firm that shares similar core values and cultural alignment with your business.

Law firm core values are wide and varying. The attorney or law firm website will again be a good resource for this, then a phone call or meeting will provide even more information to see if there’s chemistry between your team and your potential litigation team.

Ask about trial preparation policies.

Find a team that is fully prepared when the time comes to go to trial – and that includes depositions. Additionally, you should expect your legal team to offer deposition preparation and advice as well as assist in preparing a witness for a deposition.

Ultimately, your legal representation should have your best interest at heart.

Look for a litigator that is an experienced advocate, who is passionate about advancing and protecting the legal interests of your business. Seek out a trial team that understands your objectives, who will then develop an effective strategy to position a case for trial to achieve the desired outcome.

Reach out to see if there’s a fit.

BoyarMiller is a Houston law firm with over thirty years of business and corporate litigation experience. The attorneys in our Litigation Group have litigation experience that ranges from business (trade secret, non-compete, partnership or corporate disputes), real estate, and employment to probate, estate, trust, and fiduciary.

We invite you to get to know our litigation lawyers in Houston, more via our website and social media channels, then email or call us at 713-850-7766 with any questions.

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