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Meet Alert Tech

March 29, 2023

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If you ever needed a lesson in hard work, perseverance and the need to pivot when necessary, Alert Tech is the company for you. In honor of Women’s History Month, we are taking a deeper look at this Houston-based company founded and helmed by Marge Laney.

Marge initially established herself and Alert Tech as an expert on technology used in the fitting rooms of retail apparel stores. From simple call buttons to advanced data gathering and remote ordering capabilities, allowing retail stores to track interest in and sales of its products, Alert Tech has seen its products installed in fitting rooms all over the world, in apparel stores that everyone knows and loves.

But as the business of brick-and-mortar retail outlets declined in the modern world of online shopping, and then again due to the pandemic, Alert Tech needed to expand its horizons if it was to survive. Having already partnered with global customers outside of the world of retail apparel to design and manufacture communications products using Alert Tech’s proven technologies, Marge made the decision to use Alert Tech’s in-house manufacturing capabilities to expand from simply manufacturing its own products, to entering the competitive world of contract manufacturing of electronics. And after heavily investing in the equipment, space, and talent necessary to make this change, the company is booking new business at a whirlwind pace. And the company is now multi-generational, with Marge’s adult children all taking roles in the business at its highest levels. “It’s all very gratifying and exciting,” Marge said.

BoyarMiller has represented Alert Tech for more than a decade. “It’s been a treasure working with BoyarMiller over the years,” Marge said. “Their attention to detail and willingness to collaborate has cultivated a fair and mutually beneficial relationship with our partners. Additionally, the team is always available to answer any questions and provide valuable insights that help us make informed decisions.”

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