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Meet CPW America Co.

August 31, 2020

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CPW America Co. is a privately held supplier of steel pipe and tube and steel products located in Houston, Texas. In 2000, CPW America Co. was established as Corinth Pipeworks, S.A.’s wholly owned sales office for the Americas. Corinth Pipeworks (based in Athens, Greece) recently celebrated 50 years in 2019. Throughout the years, they have developed many long-term relationships with their clients including most major oil and gas companies, leading pipe distributors and international contractors and traders around the world.

BoyarMiller continues to celebrate the power of women’s voices in our firm, throughout our community, and leading our clients. At the helm of CPW America Co. are two dynamic women – Dianne Burger and Alma Larsson. Dianne serves as President/CEO and has been with CPW for 20 years. Having been in pipe and steel for over 45 years she is well known throughout the industry for her involvement and dedicated leadership with the National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors. Alma serves as Treasurer/ CFO and exudes hard work, preparation, and creativity. Together, they lead the team at CPWA and inspire other women throughout the community and industry. Their guidance of CPWA helps provides services with a keen advantage of excellent project management, value added services, and outstanding customer support. It is easy to see why CPW America has become a leading supplier in the oil and gas industry, both onshore and offshore in the Americas.

BoyarMiller serves as a corporate partner to CPW America and assists the company with business transactions, employment matters, M&A and real estate activity, and provides guidance to advance its business goals.

“We really value our relationship with BoyarMiller and wish we had started it many years ago,” said Burger.

Senior Associate Lyndsay Fincher provides guidance to CPWA and helps manage the team of BoyarMiller attorneys that assist CPWA. “I could think of no better duo than Dianne and Alma to represent strong businesswomen, leadership, and an aptitude to develop relationships around the globe,” said Fincher. “It is a partnership I look forward to continuing, giving us the opportunity to showcase our practical business solutions using diligence and creativity.”

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