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Meet Dora Gaona-Gonzalez

May 16, 2024

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Tell us about your role at BoyarMiller.

I am a Corporate M&A and Real Estate legal assistant for two shareholders, one of counsel, and three associates. Plus, I occasionally assist our paralegal with minor filings and audit responses. I am also, as some say, “the birthday fairy”. I like to decorate the office for my coworkers on their birthday. I feel that turning another year “wiser” is always a blessing, and everyone should feel special on their day.

What interests you about working in the legal field?

I came to BoyarMiller to complete a project; I organized the Accounting Office and before I knew it, I was organizing the file room full time. It took some years, but I got the job done; all files are now scanned to our system. Not long after, I felt intrigued by the work the legal assistants performed. I offered to help alleviate their workloads and thanks to their patience and training I have my own attorneys to assist now.  I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me by the firm.

Can you share a memorable experience that has shaped your career?

One weekend, years ago, while working on purging and organizing files, I emailed one of our Shareholders (apologizing first for interrupting his weekend) to check about some files that I needed input on. I didn’t expect to get a response until the following Monday but to my surprise, instead I got a quick response with a Big Thank You. I was told that everyone’s efforts in the office is what makes this company work and that my dedication in getting the files in order was very much appreciated. It was a lesson learned to never apologize for getting the job done. I have loved my job ever since!

Tell us something people might not know about you.

People might not know I came from Mexico at the age of 15 and although I got good grades in my bilingual class, it was not easy for me to speak long sentences. Until one day, I was home sick for 2 days and I discovered “Santa Barbara” and “Another World”, the best American Soap Operas of all time and before I knew it, I started connecting my classes to the conversations and it wasn’t long before I started speaking English more fluently.

I also played Varsity Volleyball and Tennis in Highschool, just as a way of coming out of my shell (way too shy). Little did I know that I was part of the team that won district and almost went to the State Competitions.

What is a favorite book, podcast, movie, or restaurant you have enjoyed lately?

Probably not surprising to those who know me and my creations; my favorite movie ever is Avatar. I think someone got in my head while I was asleep and created the movie. I also love Real Crime TV, it’s interesting to try to solve the crime from the comfort of my seat. I have to say I have gotten pretty good at it.

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