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Meet Savage Brands

August 28, 2020

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Savage Brands is a purpose-driven agency specializing in branding, marketing, strategic communications and culture building. By helping business leaders uncover the core purpose of their company (why they exist, who they are and what they stand for) and working to align all of the communications and experiences they deliver with that foundation, Savage enables clients to achieve transformational business results, make a positive impact on the lives they touch and build a differentiated brand. Savage serves business-to-business companies that put people first while prioritizing values in interacting with employees, customers, suppliers, investors and the community.

Savage is a second-generation, woman-owned business founded in 1973 by Paula Savage Hansen and now led by her daughter Bethany Andell. Says Bethany Andell, “Beyond their proven ability to serve my company’s legal needs, I was attracted to BoyarMiller because of our values alignment – which is very important to me in establishing trust and building a long-term relationship.” The BoyarMiller team of Chris Hanslik, Steve Kesten, Matt Veech and Gus Bourgeois counsel Savage on corporate matters including corporate structure, contract reviews and negotiations and employment law. She adds, “They advise like a true partner and they understand my entrepreneurial needs. They show up not only as lawyers, but as friends with my and Savage’s best interest at heart.”

Not only is Savage a longtime client of BoyarMiller, Savage provides ongoing brand, strategic communications and marketing advisory and support for the firm – helping BoyarMiller fulfill its purpose and demonstrate values through client work.

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