Meet Diego Pacheco

Diego A. Pacheco

Diego A. Pacheco

Tell us a little about you and where you are from.

Just like Houston, I’m a little bit from everywhere: my dad is Venezuelan, my mom is Spanish, I was born in Olean, New York (close-ish to Buffalo), and I lived in Wimbledon (yes, where they do the tennis tournament) and Le Havre, France for a bit before making Houston home—and I love calling Houston home.

What interesting jobs have you had prior to BoyarMiller.

I taught freshman and sophomore English and Social Studies for two years at Cristo Rey Jesuit here in Houston before going to law school. I was also the head coach of the girls’ soccer team my last year at CRJ—we got second place at State.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Andrew Pearce.

What do you consider to be the most compelling or interesting aspect of studying/practicing law? 

Learning the intricacies of the giant legal web that underpins our society, and then figuring out ways to get things done within that system.

What interests you outside of the law?

Fútbol (Hala Madrid), baseball (Go ‘Stros), working out, trying new restaurants with friends, and hanging out by the pool with a ranch water and a good book.