A Law to Think About – Unlocking the Key Aspects of Leases

November 13, 2019

A Law To Think About Lunch & Learn
November 2019

What You Should Know About Leasing for Smooth Business Operations

BoyarMiller Shareholders Lee A. Collins and Blake D. Royal shared their professional corporate real estate experience regarding leasing for smooth business operations.

In this session, they covered the key aspects of leases, including:

  • Rights a tenant can waive or contract away, as well as rights tenants cannot waive or contract away
  • Maintenance obligations
  • Subletting, relocation, and transfers
  • Landlord concerns, such as deposits, security, and guaranty
  • How to handle planned or unplanned interruptions, such as service interruptions, casualty, or condemnation
  • Preparing for different events of default

Download a PDF of the presentation from our speakers:

Lee A. Collins, Shareholder – Litigation Group
Blake D. Royal, Shareholder – Business Group