The Entrepreneurship Institute’s Presidents’ Forum

Federal Reserve Bank Houston Branch

October 19, 2011


The Presidents’ Forum is an invitation-only, annual, all-day event for presidents, founders, CEOs and top executives of growing, small and mid-market businesses.  The program is made up of hands-on case studies on specific business challenges and solutions. The principal speakers are presidents and owners of mid-market companies selected to present personal case studies of specific decisions that made substantial positive impacts on their business. Presidents share extremely private information and experiences in a series of presentations, workshops and one-on-one discussion sessions held throughout the Forum.

BoyarMiller, a sponsor of the Houston Presidents’ Forum, was represented by  Chairman Chris Hanslik, Shareholder Steve Kesten and Counsel Trey Wood in the following breakout sessions:

Workforce Optimization Strategies
Discussion and Q&A on risk management; social media from a legal perspective; recruiting and retaining organizational structure; compliance; healthcare; impact of value; performance measurement; strategy vs. cost; demographics; and effective communication strategies.
Moderator: Chris Hanslik
Panelist: Trey Wood

Toolkit for Financing
Discussion and Q&A on sources; angels; venture capital; banking; factoring; life cycle of business and financing; acquisition financing; incubators; preparing for financing; cleaning up shop; audit; and more.
Panelist: Steve Kesten

Growing Your Business Through M&A
Discussion and Q&A on what is the real value of a business; access to capital; buyers perspective; sellers perspective; and more.
Moderator: Steve Kesten

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