What Every Attorney Needs to Know Regarding Document Retention, Legal Holds and Spoliation


May 23, 2012

11:30 - 1:00

Houston Young Lawyers Association (HYLA)

Andrew Pearce, Associate in BoyarMiller’s Litigation Group, will discuss how today, more than ever, documents and information are created and stored electronically.  With many companies going “paperless,” the issue of how to handle all of this electronically stored data is increasingly becoming a dilemma. The dilemma is even more complex when a company faces potential litigation and evidence in the company’s possession may be material and relevant to the dispute.

This presentation to members of the Houston Young Lawyers Association (HYLA) is intended to assist both attorneys and their clients in evaluating the need and scope of a document retention policy, both prior to and after a claim is filed.

For more information or to register, contact Nicole Hilburn, 713.621.2678 or nicolehilburn@sbcglobal.net.