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The Future of Houston's Workforce

Chris Hanslik

by Chris Hanslik

October 20, 2021

Table of contents:

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Recent global events have had a profound impact on our Houston economy and changed the way we do business.

The program seeks to deliver a wakeup call to business owners on what Houston needs and how the “Great Resignation” is impacting real estate and education. Hear how medium sized businesses have underinvested in resources and human capital and what that means for Houston. The program will help frame how employers think about the workplace, and how businesses attract and retain people and preserve culture.

Leading the discussion are three industry experts from a local university, a commercial real estate firm and a Houston business advocacy group.

Chris Hanslik

Chris Hanslik

Firm Chairman

Nicole Walters

Dr. Nicole Walters

Founding Dean of The Kolbe School of Innovation and Professional Studies, University of St. Thomas

Jimmy Hinton

Jimmy Hinton

Executive Vice President and Head of Investor Strategies, Newmark

Peter Beard

Peter Beard

Senior Vice President,
Regional Workforce Development,
Greater Houston Partnership

*BoyarMiller makes this information available for educational purposes only. No discussion points constitute legal advice or create an attorney/client privilege.

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