5th Circuit Renders Unanimous Opinion In Favor Of BoyarMiller Clients

HOUSTON, Texas (February 11, 2010) — On February 8, 2010, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit rendered a unanimous opinion in favor of BoyarMiller’s clients, GGP-Bridgeland, LP, Bridgeland GP, LLC and Safeco Insurance Company of America in Case No. 09-20155. In doing so, the Fifth Circuit upheld the enforceability of a series of releases executed by a contractor, Addicks Services, Inc., over the course of the development of a master planned residential community in the Houston area.

BoyarMiller Litigation Group attorneys Lee A. Collins, Shareholder, served as lead counsel and argued the appeal on November 3, 2009; he was assisted by Craig Dillard, Senior Associate, and Andrew Pearce, Associate.