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Pick Your Headache: Non-Competes, Marijuana, or Interoffice Romances

Chris Hanslik

by Chris Hanslik

Andrew Pearce

by Andrew Pearce

February 11, 2020

Table of contents:

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ACC Presentation
October 2019

What You Should Know About Non-Competes, Marijuana, or Interoffice Romances

Firm Chairman Chris Hanslik and Shareholder and Litigation Group Chair Andrew Pearce presented to in-house counsel on tactics to mitigate risk and protect their client from modern day employment challenge.

They covered:

  • Don’t Hire a Lawsuit – the “Employee Acknowledgment” Letter
  • If You Are Going to Fight, Fight Early
  • Do Your Due Diligence
  • Marijuana Policies
  • Interoffice Romance Policies

Download a PDF of the presentation from our speakers:

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