The leadership team of any company is central to its success. At BoyarMiller, our leaders draw from a wide range of practical experience and across a broad spectrum of industry best practices to develop the direction and strategy for our firm.


Chris Hanslik


“Leadership is about taking responsibility for something bigger than yourself and putting the interest of the organization as well as those individuals who comprise the organization above your own. I am honored to be able to lead our firm as we strengthen our commitment to the future and look for opportunities to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives. It’s what motivates and excites me about this profession.” View Chris’ profile.


Steve Kesten

Shareholder, Business Group Chair

“Our corporate practice consists of a talented team of lawyers who help clients from start-ups to multi-national companies navigate the complex business and legal issues they face. It is an honor to serve as chair of this group as we work to be a valuable strategic partner to our clients.” View Steve’s profile.

Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce

Shareholder, Litigation Group Chair

“I read about servant-leadership and the concept resonated with who I aspire to be: a person who shares power, puts the needs of others first, and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. To that end, I have always sought to be a resource for my clients and co-workers, whether to develop and initiate strategy, brainstorm about ideas, or simply to lend an ear. I appreciate the privilege and trust given to me to continue those efforts as chair of the litigation group.” View Andrew’s profile.


Bill Boyar

Founding Shareholder

“I believe the type of leadership that works today builds and maintains a strong culture on which everything else is based. After culture, purpose is the most meaningful determinate of our identity. Our commitment to people and purpose, both individual purpose and that of the organization, is our measure of success. Undoubtedly, effective leadership is focused on those two critical areas.” View Bill’s profile.


Gary Miller

Founding Shareholder

“As a founder of BoyarMiller, I focus on leadership through example more than active coaching. If I want our people to be dedicated to service, exhibit highest integrity and be respectful of the people around them, they must see me exhibit these qualities every day. I believe it is these values that keep our clients coming back to us time and time again.” View Gary’s profile.