Meet our Attorneys


Steve Kesten Dives into Life and Business Law

“It is very rewarding to help a business owner reap the benefits of a lifetime of work through a strategic sale or transaction. I really enjoy working with clients on their individual destinations for their businesses.”

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Gus Bourgeois

Gus Bourgeois: Business attorney. History buff. Lifelong musician.

“I was so impressed with the culture of the firm and its service focus on helping clients. I had gained a practical perspective from my prior in-house corporate experience and then learned a lot about private law practice from Bill and Gary. It has been an excellent fit.”

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Matt Veech Family

Matt Veech Contemplates Family, Clients and Fly Fishing

“I realized I wanted to focus on working more directly with the key decision-makers in organizations and clients closer to home. For me, this was a way to make a difference. I had known Chris Hanslik, our firm chairman, in high school and had an opportunity to meet everyone at BoyarMiller. Our cultures and philosophies of client service aligned and I was convinced this was my new home.”

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Philip Dunlap Family

The Right Time, the Right Culture for Philip Dunlap

“From the beginning, BoyarMiller seemed like a place that aligned with the way I practice law. I researched the firm, contacted Steve Kesten of our business group, and we had a good conversation. A few days later I met with the shareholders and others here, and then joined the firm two weeks later. The culture at BoyarMiller is a perfect fit with my own principles and I haven’t looked back since then.”

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Hilary Tyson Family

Real Estate Roots Run Deep for Hilary Tyson

“I was attracted to the firm because it is such an excellent cultural fit for me and my practice area. BoyarMiller has a respected real estate practice and I enjoy working with developers and land planners to help them achieve their visions.”

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Pearce Family Cropped

Family, Values and Client Success Matter Most to Andrew Pearce

“I pride myself on giving clients the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves in what can otherwise be a confusing and frustrating litigation process. How does someone know if he or she has a good lawyer and their interests are being well represented and protected? It is not only decided by outcome. So, I advise people to look for a lawyer who shares their values, provides regular updates, and always puts their interests first. Those are among the values we share at BoyarMiller and we really do live them every day.”

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Litigator David Stockel Balances Busy Career, Baby and Bicycling

“The goal is to help our clients with efficient and effective legal avenues that deliver practical business solutions to solve their problems. And the best part is that I do what I love at BoyarMiller, with colleagues who are friends and mentors. Our firm has strong relationships both inside and outside the firm, and that makes it a very special place.”

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Advising Business Executives Drives Larry Wilson

“I was drawn to BoyarMiller because the firm made a conscious decision to create a culture to make a difference for its clients, its employees and the community. The leadership of the firm actually lives that vision—it’s not just something we say. There is strong support and mutual respect for each other to be outstanding legal practitioners. We all want to do the best for our clients and for each other. I think we have something sustainable and really quite unique.”

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